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sick of been in pain

hi . i have treid everything! all i keep getting is it very fare for someone my age to have and av now been to three appoiments with gyeny but hes refused to see me all three times becouse i have been in to much pain whitch i think is stupit and i have had enough i now have to wait till jan to see a new doctor. am in hospital over 2 times a week becouse i am in that much pain nothing seems to work when my pain score get so high. i just dunno what to do with my self any more and i have a surporting boyfreind but it is putting a very big sran on our life. i really dont no what to do now. they have me on the combined pill but it isnt working am still in horrible pain if anyone could help a would be over the moon.

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I am 21 and had similar reactions of "you're too young". Clearly that is not true. I saw a gynaecologist on October 28th and they switched me from Gedarel (a combined pill) to cerazette (a "mini-pill") to try and help my symptoms as a trial for 6 months so maybe you could ask your GP to try a similar change without seeing gyne?

Hope this helps!

Bella xxx

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