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Am I the only one??

I've been suffering with pelvic and abdominal pains and persistent pain in my left side now for over a year I was diagnosed with pcos is 2006 and assumed it was that but the pains getting progressively worse, my periods are irratic and I'm so emotionally and physically drained. I has a hysteroscopy in jan 2013 that found nothing and in dec 2013 I had an ultrasound that showed a 4.5cm cyst on my left ovary which they said was too small to remove, but the pain got worse and I was hospitalised in jan 2014 but the doctors were useless and after pumping me full of every pain relief imaginable said I was basically imaging my pain but said its more than likely endometriosis and told me the sinister outcomes from a laparoscopy to the point they scared me, but said they would on.y give me a CT scan which showed an abnormality on the left side of my bowel then sent me for a sigmoidoscopy which showed nothing inside my bowel so just sent me away.... ive been trying to live with the pain but hit a point I could not any longer so I was referred to a lovely gynea by my gp who took swabs which showed an infection and has also referred me for a diagnostic laparoscopy in the next few weeks I'm really hoping they find the cause of my pain,has anyone else experienced similar or been passed from pillar to post?.

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Hi, I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 13 (now 29) it's been a constant battle. My previous gynea had a similar attitude until she opened me up to do the laparoscopy and had to eat her words after the surgery. She said I was the second worst patient she had ever done surgery on and mine would have been worse if I had not been on medication. It is very difficult for doctors to see the full picture without a laparoscopy. One thing I've learned is don't take NO for an answer, if your body is telling you there is something wrong then attend to it before it gets too serious. For them to simply say it is endometriosis and leave it at that is ridiculous as endometriosis is a serious problem that leads to chronic pain, infertility and has recently been linked to cancer of the cervix and ovaries. So read up as much as you can and ask your gynae all the necessary questions. Lastly cysts grow, they don't get smaller so having it removed before it becomes larger is the advice I'd give. Why suffer unnecessarily. Best of luck and I hope you get it sorted soon and that you are pain free afterwards :)


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