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Could these symptoms be Endometriosis?

Hi all, I'm a 21 year old woman in London dealing with lots of health issues. I've recently had a transvaginal scan and fluid on my pelvis and cysts on both of my ovaries was found. One of my ovaries is unusually large also. I am seeing a gyno this Friday as my GP suspects endometriosis, which runs in my family.

I've been ill for a long time, mainly ignored it and just thought I was underweight and sickly and thats what I'll just have to deal with. This summer things got worse much quickly and I really feel like I'm more fed up and deteriorating.

My periods began when I was 12 years old and have always been agony. Every month I'd be in bed for days and miss school during my period, I'd vomit and get diarrhoea and bleed very heavily. Cramps went down my legs and radiated down my back. I would always faint and black out from pain, my poor parents would find me grey and unconscious on the floor. Never in my life have I felt pain this bad, and it happened every month! I was put on very strong pain killers which just made me unconscious for a week.

Upon turning 17 and moving to the UK (lived in the States previously) I was just stuck on the combined pill asap and those painful periods got much better. I still have pain and feel bad, but nothing like before. But what stayed and constantly got worse are my vague and constant symptoms below:

-Fatigue (always falling asleep, can't stay awake)


-Vomiting (sudden and violent and followed by shakes)

-General Shakiness & dizziness

-Stomach pains, pelvic pains, kidney pains, lower back pains and hip stiffness


-Brain fog, inability to concentrate

-Confusion & memory loss

-Blurred vision

-Eye floaters & coloured lights, spots and outlines of shapes constantly


-Numbness in legs and arms and fingers

-Very cold hands & feet (blue finger nails and hands lock from cold)

-Constant thirst

-Night sweats

-Dizzy and fatigued after basic activity (flight of stairs, standing up)

-Shortness of breath

-Underweight, can't gain weight

-Low blood sugar (I'm getting anything from 2.7 mmol/L - 3.9 mmol/L regularly after eating)

-Swollen and red lymph nodes, protrude from body, but no infection.

-Joint pain, stiffness, swelling & seizing up so I cant walk or bend

-Constantly runny nose

-Very prone to catching bad chest & sinus infections

My question is, could Endometriosis cause most of these symptoms? I always thought painful periods were the only symptom.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated! I'm completely lost and desperate to get better. Thank you! xxx

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I have Endo and I'm constantly tired and feeling nauseous. I'm 20 so I know how frustrating it is. I really hope you get all the answers you need from your gyno specialist this week. Good luck and let me know how you get on! Sending lots of love:)


I've had endometriosis for 18 years (now 29years old). My mother had it and it seems her Grandmother had it as well although in those days they did not have the technology to diagnose it. Endometriosis is far more complicated than just pain during your periods. I have heard of women having chronic immune system disorder because of it, chronic fatigue syndrome and the list goes on. I personally am always tired, restless sleep, IBS and daily pain due to the growth of the endometriosis. Not all doctors agree on the symptoms so read up as much as you can as you'll often see a pattern of symptoms. I had severe headaches, nausea, numbness in arms and legs, dizziness but those were all related to the pill rather than the endometriosis so maybe discuss that with your gynea. I really hope you get things sorted and don't settle for an answer you know in your body not to be true, rather ask for a second opinion if need be than suffer any longer. I know how emotionally draining endometriosis can be, you feel alone, weak and like no one understands what you are going through so be strong. Wishing you great health for the future!


Hi Hun

I’m also experience symptoms like this and have been researching my symptoms and it’s lead me to fibromyalgia. I’ve been tested several times for RH and been clear. The last month I’ve suffered really bad and since this cold snap has appeared I’m in totally agony I can’t leave house and need to have heat packs to help with aches and pain I’ve reventkh changed doctor and and told her my symptoms I’m being referred to rhemotology for tests as you need to rule out all other things. If I was you I would go to you’re doctor and discuss you’re symptoms and that you would like these checks done. Have a look at fibro and see if you fit the symptoms . Have you looked into vitamins to help? I have been taking several for my endo and have to say my symptoms have eased I don’t have as many flares. I could send you a link if you want.

If you want any advice or just to chat please feel you can message me 😁


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