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Accredited endo centres

Hi ladies, I had my lap on Thurs and have spent quite a lot of time browsing this forum- everyone is so helpful and kind so hopefully you don't mind another question.

My lap showed stage 4 endo, stuck to bowel, bladder, tubes blocked and ovaries kissing. Luckily I experience little pain, however I have been TTC for 2 years.

I've read on here about accredited endo centres , there is one about 10 miles from me. But I'm unsure of what order I should be doing things.

My surgeon wants to refer me to St Thomas' in London to an endo / IVF specialist (will prob be self funded). But I don't think this is an accredited centre? Does it matter? Are the accredited centres within the NHS?

Sorry if I've confused things, be brilliant if someone can point mr in the right direction!

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The accredited centres are NHS so you won't need to pay. It's your decision but it may be easier and more convenient to go to the centre nearer to you. It's worth considering if further surgery is involved. However your doctor may have specific positive experiences of referrals to the London doctor.

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a couple of them are private only - may be more - but definitely two Elland and Cheadle are private ones. The vast majority are NHS. A lot of the surgeons that are listed as working for NHS endo centres also do private endo work too if you are covered by insurance to pay for that which should speed up getting seen and done, compared to waiting lists for NHS work.

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Hi I was referred via GP to my nearest hospital (NHS) which also happens to have an accredited endo centre. I think that is is very positive that your lap surgeon wants to refer you on to someone with more experience so maybe worth asking why St Thomas' rather than the accredited endo centre near to you (may be because of the IVF?) - just to hear what your surgeon says.

Excision surgery took me a while to recover from (several weeks in total) but 3 years on I am still feeling really well. Best wishes.

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