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Hi, I'm 18 years old and for the last 3 months i have been having periods every two weeks. This has left me exhausted and mixed with other life changes, feeling depressed. I barely leave my flat and sleep around 15 hours a day. I have no motivation for anything. I have had my bloods checked, and they're fine. I dont know what is causing this, and it is worrying me. My doctor does not seem particularly worried by the problem at all. Does anyone have any idea if it could be endometriosis, or something else?

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Endo usually has many other symptoms but every woman is different. You could have menorrhagia. If you feel your GP isn't taking your condition seriously ask to see another for a second opinion. Hope you get answers soon. x


It may well be endo. My endo didn't show on bloods or a transvaginal ultrasound - it was only till they did the laparoscopy that they confirmed it.

If it's making you feel so rough persist with the GP and as the poster below said get a second opinion.

Hope you feel better soon & get answers soon. Xx


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