One small incision to properly diagnose endo?

Hi all, I had my laparoscopy on Monday night and the surgeon only made one small incision through my belly button. My question is, how did he move my organs about to see behind my ovaries etc if this incision is where the camera was? I've watched a few clips on YouTube where the surgeon makes 3 incisions to have a proper look around. I asked if he took any photos of the endo - he said no. He said it was mild stage 2 and I had spots on my POD, bladder and a little on my left intestine/bowl. Can they insert two instruments through the one incision? Little confused :/

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  • I am not sure exactly how it works (may be that another instrument was inserted in you via your vagina up through the cervix) but just to try and reassure you, i had a lap done 2 years ago to remove a coil that had in bedded itself in the wall of my womb. It was noted that during this procedure that Endometriosis was found and i only had one incision through my belly button also. xx

  • Thank you for your reply :) I suppose it doesn't really matter what stage it is, as long as I know what it is now and can start looking at ways to get better. I've just had the mirena put in, i hope that doesn't move out of my womb! How did you know that had happened? Is that why they ask you to check for the string once a month? X

  • Hi try not to worry too much about the coil misplacing ...i don't have a very good history with them :( .....The reason why i found out it was embedded was i was having a lot of pain so i asked for it to be removed. They tried 6 times to remove it which was agony as you can imagine so i got sent to hospital and had an external and internal ultra sound which showed it has grown in to the wall of my womb so had to have a lap to remove it. The reason they ask you to check your strings is that is the usual method of removal so must try and keep them there ready for when that time comes.

    Good luck and i hope the coil brings you much comfort xxx

  • When I had my lap done I didn't have three incisions. I had one through my belly button and one above my pubic bone and then I think they also went in via cervix to xxx they took three pictures of mine they look like when your little fall and graze your knee but inside xxx

  • I just had one little incision through my belly button so they wouldn't have been able to move anything around. Theyve made two Incisions in you, one for the camera and one for the little grabby thing to move your organs about ha. They must have just had a quick look around with the camera in me :( I wish they'd have at least tried to lazer it off whilst they were in there. X I heard the nurse mention ablation whilst I was in recovery but apparently that's the next step if the coil doesn't help. I feel like it was all a bit half hearted and rushed. But I'm glad something was found and it's not all been in my head x

  • They didn't lazer mine either hun I've been on the pill again tricycling it and a course of zoladex since and if I wasn't so keen to have a baby ASAP then my next step would be having another op to laser it. I hated my lap though the anaesthetic made me sick as a pig yuk :( xxx don't see it as a waste of time they have found it now so it's confirmed xxx

  • I've just called the hospital an they said they didn't lazer any off because I didn't consent! X if they'd have asked me before hand I'd have consented but suppose there's no point in worrying myself over it, it's done now and at least I have a diagnosis :) and I totally get what u mean about the anasthetic! That was the hardest part for me, it made me really Ill and spaced out for hours after it. Don't want to do it again in a hurry!, I still feel a bit groggy and lightheaded from it! X r best of luck with the baby making xxxxx

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