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I am 37 with 2 kids 11 and 7. I have suffered really badly over the past year with my periods with them varying from 21 to 28 days lasting around 7 days and are extremely heavy and painful. I am also passing large clots. I saw my GP who arranged a trans vaginal ultrasound which showed fibroids and adenomyosis. I am due to see the GP in a couple of weeks to go through options. I have read that the main options are coil, pill or hysterectomy. I didn't get on with the coil and pill in the past and I would like a hysterectomy. I know this may seem extreme, but my family is complete (husbands already had a vasectomy) and from what I see most options after a while lead to a hysterectomy anyway. Do you think the GP will agree?



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Hi i think you have a strong case, adenomyosis can be cured by a hysterectomy your gp should send you to a gyneocologist to discuss your options


Do remember to hold on to the ovaries - don't consent to them being removed - just the uterus needs to go for adeno to be removed. Keeping the ovaries will mean you avoid the need for HRT for decades to come.

I agree with annelou - seems no reason why they would refuse the hysterectomy if you have already tried the alternative options without success and the family is complete too.


Hi im in same position as you recently diagonosed with adeynomoysis, im going to c gynie in Dec hoping hyster will b offered.im 47.



My GP has been great and has referred me. I am lucky as my husband has private insurance so I have my appointment on 18th Nov, maybe on 11th if there is a cancellation. I can but hope, I just want my life back now


Yes, I agree, make sure the surgeon doesn't remove your ovaries!


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