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Period pains

Since I was diagnosed with endo my period pains have been getting worse each month. It has got so bad I'm doubled over with the pain. It has started to go into my lower back and my legs. Does anyone else get pain like this, if so should I go see my consultant about it?

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Hi, sorry to hear about your pains, they're horrible aren't they? *hugs*

I get really bad pains all down my lower back, extending into my upper thighs, going from hot to achy. I sometimes find that hot baths help, or hot water bottles, or whatever hardcore painkillers I have prescribed. I don't do pain well anymore.

I'd definitely mention it to the consultant. X


Hi, I'm currently using Feminax ultra which contains naproxen. This helps but for some users they need to take omeprazole as it can upset the stomach. I also use hot water bottles when I'm home & when out or at work I use the self heating heat pads. These can be bought from chemists. Along with the Feminax I take paracetamol for my headaches. I used to use co-codomol but stopped as I'm sure I was building up a resistance to it. Also I'm sure taking codeine over long term wasn't good for me. I would go back & explain that you're in constant pain along with taking pain relief. hope this helps.


Yes, this is the kind of pain I experience, varying in intensity from cycle to cycle, I also feel dizzy and faint when its at its most extreme. I also find hot water bottles good and painkillers - I find that I have to take them as soon as the pain starts, however mild, otherwise they don't touch it. TENS machines are helpful when Im in a situation where I cant use a heatpad. (You can get discreet ones specific for period pains eg OVA, online and in chemists). If you have endo, your consultant shoudl be looking at some method of reducing the number of periods you have to try to limit the spread of the endo. This may be through taking the Pill back to back, GNRH injections, Mirena coil etc.


Hi I’ve just been diagnosed with endo and this month is my first on the pill. Was hesitant to have period but have decided to. I’m bleeding a lot which I don’t normally. And yes I have pain down my left leg almost making it numb and my back is worse than usual


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