Hi guys, I'm really new to this so do bare with me if I'm doing this wrong! I'm 18, and I haven't been diagnosed with endometriosis as of yet however I have read a lot of information on symptoms and I was almost relieved to see that I might not be going crazy! I have a doctors appointment with my gp tomorrow, and if I'm honest I'm really scared he/she won't take me seriously. I have been told I have an anxiety disorder however my upset stomach (which ironically causesy anxiety) has always been passed off as both my anxiety or irritable bowel syndrome :( I'm very worriedy doctor will overlook my symptoms and was wondering if anyone has any past experiences or advice they could give me? Thank you for your time :)

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  • Excuse the typos as I'm on my mobile! :)

  • Hi Holly 457,

    Good for you on doing your own research. Many with endometriosis also have had trouble getting a proper diagnosis. But a lot of the symptoms are similar to IBS and other gastrointestinal ailments as well , like Crohns, or coeliac. Have you been diagnosed with IBS from a colonoscopy? And aside from the upset stomach what other symptoms of endometriosis are you exhibiting?

    My advice to you is after you see the GP, if he prescribes something to you, before you get it filled, check with the ladies here if it is a good choice to go with that. A lot of GP's will recommend birth control pills in the beginning and it may it fact help, but some may actually hinder. See what replies I got from posting "I don't get it" in the search engine.

  • Do you know what it's so funny you said that because they put me on microginon 30 about 3-4 years ago because I had chronically heavy periods and that was their answer :) first of all thank you so much for your reply, I wasn't diagnosed at all with ibs properly let alone with a colonoscopy. Because my dad has it and so does my nan I think to the doctor it was a given that it is what's causing my difficulties. My symptoms include heavy periods (despite being on microginon) severe unformort / pain when having sex (like deep pressure of some sort which I never had before this year!) I am constantly extremely tired and I get breathless way too easily for an 18 year old! I also was interested in the fact endo can have an impact on your mood. Simply because my mood swings have gotten so bad that they are having a huge impact on my relationship and sometimes I feel like my personality has completely changed. Of course my doctor said this was hormones and completely normal when it has got to the stage where it is NOT normal. I also get very bloated to the point I look pregnant especially on my period and I also have more recently started to get these brief but severe waves of sickness and nausea. However the most scary symptom for me is that recently (as in my last 3 periods or so) the night before my period is due I get crippling pain that feels like labour! I have had period pain but never ever like this before, it always wakes me up in the night and then I go to the loo thinking my period must be really heavy to have those kinds of pains but there is absolutely nothing on my towel! Often until the next day or even the following day. Thanks very much for your advice I'm finding this site so helpful :)

  • It does sound like you could have endo - your experiences with period pains sound similar to mine. Its taken me nearly 30 years to get a diagnosis, but I didnt have the internet -'back in the day!' My advice to you is to start to keep a symptoms diary - make a note of whatt type of pain you're having, where it is in your body (a lot of endo sufferers don't just have stomach pains, but also back, legs, bottom etc) and when it occurs. That way, you should start to see a pattern over time eg you may have stabbing pains mid-cycle, aches during your period etc. If you are referred to a gynae, you can then share the info with them to help prove its not just anxiety or whatever. They, or your GP, will probably try you on different meds such as the Pill, to see if they have any effect. They may also send you for external and internal ultrasound scans, but endo doesnt show on these (but cysts do). The only definite way to find endo is by laparoscopy operatin and you may have to insist on one if nothing else comes to light.

  • Oh, I forgot to add, have you been checked for asthma, as that would cause breathlessness too? There is a theory that endo is an autoimmune condition, so can be linked to asthma. I discoved I have asthma a few years ago when I was constantly getting chest infections.

  • That's so interesting thank you very much for the advice! I had my appointment today and my doctor was brilliant, I was examined and had swabs taken, I'm also booked in for blood tests on Tuesday. These most probably wouldn't show endo but at least she took me seriously! She said if the tests come back with nothing we will take it from there and make a plan of action after that :) She said my symptoms would point towards endo, but that it was strange simply because I'm already on microgynon 30(not too sure what that means). I never thought of asthma! It could be! Thank you for your replies and hope you're well.

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