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thought I had found a cure for the pains. now it's come back even worse!

so I went to the gyno in July, because I'm only 18 he wanted to wait to try and diagnose my endo without an op. By doing this it means taking my pill microgyn from July to November without any breaks, with the hope of shrinking the endo because the ovaries are asleep when you are taking the pill. anyway I took it from then until now without any breaks, same time everyday & for some reason I started bleeding!!! it wasn't painful, but then once I stopped ( Stil taking the pill while this is going on) when I was having intercourse with my boyfriend, the pains were horrorendous! I just don't understand why I started bleeding! I will be tellin my gyno in November but I wondered if anyone had any possible reasons it would be very helpful, thank you xxx

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Up to this last event - had sex previously been uneventful - and suddenly this one attempt ended up in agony?

Or has sex previously been painful - but eased off when on the pill and is now back to being painful again?

or has there been pain previously and it is progressively got more painful over time to the point where it is no longer bearable?

There are lots of things that can cause sex pain.

From lack of lubrication and foreplay, to the cervix being inflammed because heavy bleeding has caused cervical erosion, or the cervix being misaligned in the wrong angle so it gets hammered by the penis which should be sliding past it, or adhesions acting like a tight corset preventing the vagina from stretching open without tearing the adhesions and causing a bleed. It might also be that you have fibroids or an ovarian cyst or polyps and all sorts of other reasons why vaginal penetration should suddenly cause a bleed and be very painful.

It must be said that very few women who experience sex pain - can resolve the problem with surgery or dilators or whatever other remedies can be tried.

Some options give temporary relief, but then revert back to being painful at some point post op.

If it hurts then stop having vaginal sex. Sex should be fun and not painful.

There are a lot of other ways to have sexual intimacy that do not involve the standard sex positions.

If your BF is willing to discuss this and try other options, you will find other ways to suit you both that don't cause you an injury.

Use the search box on the green bar at the top of the page and type in Sex Pain. there are loads of old discussions on this subject - with a wide variety of other suggestions on how ladies have found they can manage to keep partners happy in the intimacy department.


it was painful & eased off with the pill but it's not back again, thank you for the help I'll be sure to look up old conversations on this

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