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Suspected endo, feeling low

Hi, totally new to this and writing this while home alone and feeling a bit miserable. Had referral yesterday with gyne who has put me forward for a laporoscopy with suspected endo in pelvic area and diaphragm. She was very insistent that it's very rare and they will more than likely find nothing. Been suffering with pain for years and it's getting worse every month. Me and dh have been trying to concieve for 6 months to no avail. We waited for ages until we were married and bought a house etc until we were 'ready' though we were emotionally ready a long time ago. Now feels like shouldn't have bothered with all of that stuff and just got on with it! Dh is much older than me so though I get the 'but you're still young' line from everyone including friends and family, dh is not and I think it would put a strain on things if we concieved late in his life. I'm 25 but feel a hectic of a lot older! Having this potential endo diagnosis is enough but I also have polysistic ovaries and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome type 3. Life is exhausting at the moment but we are so desperate to have a family. I'm not scared of the lapo just frightened of what it will uncover. Dh will be there no matter what, even if I can't concieve but I'm concerned how I will cope. So fed up of feeling broken, tired and like I can't join in with others. I hate the effect it all has on my dh, my family, my work and social life. I don't know how they put up with it all. How do I get over the constant feeling of sadness and that I don't feel like a woman?

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Hi kg1989,

I am new to this too. Had a lap ok last week, they found a chocolate cyst which they drained and also a fibroid on my anterior wall. Been suffering with bad periods for a while. I now have to wait 8 weeks before I see specialist again and got told I may need further operation.

I am 27 and only got married in the summers, plans were to try for a family too and now worried of outcome of all this .

Having spoken to many people one of which has lived with endometriosis all her adult life has 3 kids. She had cysts etc and still been able to concieve. I think the best to do is to not worry as much as possible (know it's hard cuz I do and have since op) and focus on positives other people have had and know each case is very different. Also after having lap u are meant to be more fertile so maybe that should help?

Hope you can relate to this as I read many simular things reading your situation.



Hi 87 ballerina,

Glad op when well but it seems crazy how long you have to wait to see someone again. The gyne I saw was very negative and that didn't help.

I have no idea how fertile I would be post op, having the other two conditions as well could be a negative factor. I can't have any fertility testing though as we have been trying less than a year so they won't look into it yet. So god knows! The gyne also said about having this zoladex stuff after for 6 months and very unlikely to concieve on that. I think I just assumed that with my age I would get pregnant on the fist try! Quickly learning that's not the case...

I think you're right though about thinking of the positives. Just hard sometimes. I hope your next appointment goes well for you :) x


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