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SSP sick pay


Does anyone know what the sick pay allowances are. I was signed off sick for 26 weeks following an hysterectomy for endo, returned to work in April of this year, then 23 weeks. I've been signed off work again following a lap to remove endo under my bowel and adhensions, my GP says I'm clearly not fit to return to work, in any form. I've used all my annual leave up and my boss is now being difficult I'm not sure if the 28 weeks is over a 3 year period or if your allowed 28 weeks each year for 3 years, I don't have an hr department to ask either. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Tjbear x

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Depends who you work for to be honest.

Large companies have their own policies including sick policies.

So therefore stat sick pay would def of finished, more than one occasion on 6months; some companies 'retire' you on the grounds of ill health then.

Harsh world it depends who you work for.

Good luck!


Hi Tjbear

SSP is only payable for 28 weeks in a three year period. Once SSP runs out, you are not obliged to any more - unless your contract of employment provides otherwise. In this case you may be eligible for Employment Allowance and your employer needs to give you a form called SSP1 so that you can claim it.

Feel free to pm if you need to.


I'm struggling to figure this out myself... I have run out of sick leave this year and am currently on half pay. Back to work on Monday but will need to be off once I have my hysterectomy.

I spoke to the CAB yesterday and they told me once my half pay is finished ill be entitled to SSP for 28 weeks there after I would be entitled to esa.

I have also heard the term PIP being used and think that is some sort of help if you are long term sick.

Phone the CAB they are really good.

They told me about a a website called turn2us it has a wealth of information on it and links to access for all of the above. It also has a benefits calculator.

If you have any dept that could become a problem the CAB can help you sort that to and the option they can offer you can be seen on adviceguide.org.uk.

I hope some of this has been helpful... in have had to look at all avenues to see what I can and still need to have a meeting with HR. My GP has said I can't wait for the op and won't be a good idea to wait for my sick leave to acrue ... so ill be working extra shifts and saving all my pennies while I wait for my op appointment to happen... but I know it will be exhausting and painful. But I have no other choice


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