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Having new and weird symptoms with endo

I had surgery about 8-9 months ago from having a ruptured ovarian cyst. I was also diagnosed with endometriosis. I had a mild case, but have been feeling very weird latey. I have daily nausea that comes on very quickly and out of nowhere. I sometimes feel very sick like I have the flu, I get hot flashes and a clammy head and hands, I also have no appetite sometimes and cannot eat. But a lot of the time I eat alot and have a big appetite. I also experience strange sensations in my bladder area, like a very heavy feeling or like its full and has lots of pressure on and around it, its never really pain, just an uncomfortable feeling. Also when i am exercising I had lots of pain in my ovary area, especially when I am riding horses, it gets to a point where i have to get off and stand until it passes.My periods are so much worse and I usually have severe cramps for a few hours and then it goes to mild cramps for the rest of my period. I also will feel very sick when my bladder begins to fill, thats when the hot flashes get bad and I feel very sick, but after Its full and i have to go pee then I dont feel sick, and after i pee i get the heavy sensation.. I dont know if anyone else gets these symptoms or if they are worth seeing a doctor about, I would like to know if anyone has an idea on whats causing these symptoms. I am also only 16

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It could be a new cyst, do visit your GP to get your hormone levels checked out - and ask for a follow up scan to check for new cyst. Once you've had one you are more likely to get others than never have another again. They can mess up the hormone levels and lead to all manner of side effects while the cyst is there.

Also get your pee checked for a urinary tract infection - there are different bugs that can cause problems and not always the typical burning when you pee sensation. Some don't hurt when you pee but cause other symptoms. So definitely get that checked out too.

Might be an idea to stop your periods so you don't have to suffer the worse periods and the cramps every month when you certainly don't have to put up with it.

Lots of options. Nexplanon arm implant - lasts up to 3 years no tablets.

Skyla coil IUD lasts up to 3 years, or mirena coil lasts up to 5 years.

Depo-Provera injections are given every 3 months

Norethisterone is excellent as an every now and then period stopper - great if you have holiday or exams or courses coming up and don't want to be on your period.

It's 3 small tablets you take every day evenly spaced about 8 hours apart. They will stop your period starting for as long as you take them - but if your do forget a tablet or two - or you sick one up or have the runs and lose the tablet before it has a chance to work then it can trigger a period to start 2-3 days later. Always worth having in the emergency 1st aid drawer for any big events coming up - if you do want to still continue experiencing periods.

Personally speaking if i had my life over again - and the mirena had been invented in my teens, I'd have used it for my whole life had i known how much better life is without periods.

It was put in 3 years ago - stopped my periods in 5 months, and now no periods, no pains no PMT, no buying tampons and towels, so saves a load of money, no need for pain killers either.

I definitely recommend it.

The skyla is a slightly smaller version or mirena - exctly the same hormones but less of it so it only lasts 3 years and might better suit you at your age - it is designed for teens. Though time goes by so fast - if you can manage to get mirena instead - 5 years before you have to get it replaced is well worth it.

Size wise it's only fractionally smaller to have the Skyla.

Have a chat with your GP, as you certainly don't need to be suffering unnecessarily with this,, and if it is another cyst it is best to be identified and kept an eye on.


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