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Diagnostic laparoscopy done

Hi all

Hope you are all okay . I had my diagnostic lap done last Thursday and seem to be recovering well . Very tender still and feeling fragile but guessing time and patience is needed :-) . They found mild endo and treated it . Feeling positive at the moment as have been told I shouldnt need to see the endo specialist any time soon . My husband and I are thinking positively at the moment and thinking maybe we shall have better luck with starting a family soon as we have had two miscarriages in the past two years . understand the endo may have had nothing to do with it but we need some positive thoughts . . I really feel for all of you who are and who have been suffering from this horrible disease . sending you all hugs and best wishes xxx

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Good luck on the recovery, take it slow :) Inflammation is a factor in some miscarriages, so wishing you all the best for your next try now that you're on the mend.


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