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Hysterectomy and excision in 25 days !

Hello lovely ladies... I hope you are all as well as you can be.

I am having a hysterectomy, excision and possible bowel surgery on the 28th October. My surgery will (hopefully) be performed laparoscopically.

To those ladies that have had similar surgeries , can you tell me what preparation you did and what things you took into hospital with you?

I would be very grateful to have any advice.

Thank you.


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Hi ,

On September 19th I had a full hysterectomy , removal of both tubes & ovaries along with some excision of endometriosis . I'd previously had stage 4 endo and two laps with endo on my bowel & bladder.

It's early days but things seem to be going ok. When I had the lap where endo was removed from my bowel, I had to drink a bowel prep that made me go to the loo at lot. I have gotten a lot of help and advice from the hysterectomy association .

As for hospital bag, in my bag I had lip sill, big pants, 2 nighties, thin dressing gown, plastic carrier bags for sending washing home, tissues, baby wipes, back scratcher, boiled sweets, slippers, magazine, note book and pen, tablets, wash bag, eye mask, ear plugs, always night time pads which were suggested when I went for my pre op, phone charger, phone, tooth brush, water, juice boxes , dried fruit and ear plugs . (btw nighties are good in case of catheter).

Since getting home a grabber stick and dry shampoo have been a godsend!

Feel free to ask me any questions or send me a message. The waiting s the worst bit of the op!


Hello, I'm also having a hysterectomy (ovaries and the lot going) too on 14 October. I have stage 4 endo on ureters and pelvic wall mainly. I'm very nervous about the surgery, but am sure it's the right thing to do for me. My preparation has been physical (organising the house and kids) but also trying to prepare mentally, which isn't as easy.

My hospital bag consists of BIG knickers, sanitary towels, nightie, wash bag, magazine, lip balm, ear plugs, comfy trousers to go home in , dressing gown and slippers.

I went for my pre-op and was given 6 'special' drinks to have day before and on morning of surgery. They're called Pre-Op Nutrition carbohydrate drinks, apparently to help with recovery from major surgery. Has anyone else had these? If so, did they help?

Good luck Barbara with your surgery. Regards, Lindsey x


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