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Could someone explain the mechanics

I have lower back pain every time along with my need for surgical intervention of adhesion, endo, and cysts in the pouch of douglas and peritoneum, but this is the first time I've had an MRI and it shows my lower lumber is out of whack. Each time in the past that I've had my issues addressed via lap, the pain in my back subsides as well, makes sense. I always just thought it was the inflammation irritating the nerves. But could it also be responsible for my slight scoliosis? And what about how endometriosis is often misdiagnosed as SI joint dysfunction, is it also mechanically causing that joint to be more hyper mobile? Anyone have MRI showing spinal compromise, disc dehydration, arthropathy, and have all your back pain subside once the gynocological issues are addressed?

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I don't really understand other back problems, but for me I suffered from lower back pain that has decreased since my lap. What I got from my doctor (roughly) was that the uterus is held in place by ligaments that attach towards your back and these ligaments run right next to a couple of impressive nerves that can get caught up in the endo mess causing significant lower back pain (sometimes radiating further down legs etc)... You may already know this and I can't comment on any misdiagnose but back pain due to endo does make sense.


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