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Mirena coil fitted this week - worried

I have been convinced by a consultant to give the Mirena a go - it's the only thing I haven't tried but after years of hormone intolerance I was very reluctant. I have to have a biopsy on Thursday because I have hyperplasia and they will insert one then. I will be under because they couldn't get a biopsy done with a local anaesthetic due to the endo' and placement of my uterus. I've read so many horror stories - is there any good news out there re the mirena?


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Hey I also am hormone sensitive, I am on my 3rd mirena. The 1st 2 cut my bleeding down to 3days per month & dramatically reduced the amount of blood too. It only contains the equivalent of 2 mini pills per week. It helps with my pmt too. Takes a couple of months to settle but was worth it. It does nothing for my pain unfortunately I'm only 2 months in to my 3rd I've had irregular bleeding but hopefully this will settle. Some ladies don't bleed at all. I would recommend it. Good luck x


Hi I had the mirena inserted in March, bled for about 3 weeks after insertion but then every month after periods just got lighter until just 2 days of spotting per month and last month nothing. I can tell when it's time of the month as boobs get bit sore and tummy swells and it hasn't stopped the pain but to not have heavy periods is life changing for me! I've just had an op which will hopefully now stop the pain for a good while (cyst removed, loads of adhesions and endo removed plus a big nodule that was stuck to bowel) surgeon said the endo was really dampened down as a result of the mirena. Think you have to persevere with the mirena and it's not for everyone bit def worth a try x


I love mine -swear by it - it has been the very best thing I have ever tried to manage periods. completed 3 years already - and will definitely be having another.

Mine was put in under general anaesthetic and so too will the replacement.

It does take settling in time as it thins the lining of the uterus over several weeks to the point where it no long grows enough of a menstrual lining to shed as a period then it stops them.

There are over 11 million mirena users world wide - only a tiny proprtion end up having theirs removed, the majority of those will be due to wanting to start a family, and the rest will be because for whatever reason they feel it hasn't suited them or it hasn't reduced or stopped their bleeds as they had hoped.

For millions though they are very happy and are not likely to be shouting it from roof tops - they are just getting on with living their lives period free.

The worst bit is getting it put in without anaesthetics,so you have avoided that issue.

Takes a few days for the tenderness down below to calm down from the biopsy as well as the mirena then for a while there might be some strange twinges and aches until enough cervical mucus has developed to hold the mirena in place and plug the cervix, after that any side effects twinges should stop.

Period pains and endo pains should cease or diminish considerably once your periods stop.

I think it's such a brilliant device - if only it could be installed pain free then it would rate 10/10


Hi I've had a Mirena for 18 months now have put on weight but it defo was the best decision i've made once

it settles down

go for it

Persil xx


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