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Is my endo returning?

Hey ladies. I had excisional surgery for my endo about 3 months ago now. The first 8 weeks I saw no improvement I my symptom however from the 9th week my pain literally disappeared over night. That was about 3 weeks ago but in the last maybe 4 days my pain seems to be returning. Is my endo back already or could it just be in leading up to a period so it's normal to have a bit of pain? Any ideas would be wonderful.


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It could well be coming back, I had my 2nd op to have my endometriosis removed in January and mine is already back :( If I was you I would wait to see what your period Is like and maybe give it another month or two just to monitor the pain and stuff, and then if needed then go back to your GP.

Fingers crossed it's just period pain.


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