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Less pain in the morning

Since April I've been on a quest to find the source of the back and hip and buttock pain I've been experiencing, I realize this, if it was endometriosis I wouldn't feel better after a restful sleep. I also have pelvic pain sometimes it's just a weighted feeling sometimes a jabbing pain. But apart from the pelvic pain it makes me question again if it's a muscular source of pain or perhaps nerves. I've had quite a list of issues found in my 4 surgeries through the years but noticed that the uteroscaral ligaments and cul de sac were repeatedly plagued with problems. Also adhesions on my left tube were at one time lysied off of my left ovary. On one of my reports it said it said that the uterasacral ligaments were not well defined possibly from shortening because of endometriosis. Does anyone know if my back ,hip and buttock pain that is always worse at the end of the day could possibly be due to adhesions and the movement throughout the day exacerbating the nerves. Or maybe these shortened uterasacral ligaments? Make sense? I no longer have my uterus or cervix but I believe they left the tubes and I still have my ovaries. Been sent for a lot of xrays ect. tried cortisone injection of the SI joint and the bursae in both hips it didn't help. I can't help but believe it's something of a gynocological nature, especially since they detected bilateral ovarian cysts on my mri.

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Hi, I was only diagnosed a month or so ago but have had symptoms for 20 years. I often feel much better in the morning and gradually go down hill pain wise and energy wise as the day goes on. I'm assuming the pain gets worse due to sheer aggrevation on the patches of endo/ organs/ ligaments? Just a thought! I'm laid here in bed now at 8.45pm utterly exhausted and the pain is the worst it's been all day particularly in my hips/ leg/ back. I've not done anything too physical either!


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