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Arrgghh - frustrations of the NHS! (Cancelled my Endo specialist app w/o telling me)

Long story short. I have been suffering with Endo symptoms for years but ignored them as wasn't too bad. Over the past year just been getting worse and worse so decided to do something about it. So after much back and forth to my GP, scans etc. finally got my referral, and booked myself an appointment with the UCLH Endo specialist centre. Was really excited to finally have something in the diary, even if it was months away!

My appointment is for next week. However, a few weeks ago I tried to find my appointment time on Choose & Book as I couldn't remember it exactly. But after entering my details an error message came up. Panicking slightly I rang up the hospital who told me the app had been cancelled due to the fact that the system mucked up and booked me in with the wrong doctor. But that it was their error I would be booked with a new app on or before the same date. and that I would be contacted by phone or post with the new info. Last week still no word. So I rang again. Nothing had been booked - so they tried to contact the clinic to see what was going on. I was told I would be contacted. Today rang again (!). Tried ringing the clinic secretary but she didn't know anything and me through to appointments. Who then put me through to the operator who then put me through back to the clinic. Hung up and then rang back to the appointments ppl. Who still had nothing on the system and could see nothing had been done. They once again put a note on the system.

Its just so incredibly frustrating after all this time to get no where. Am just going in circles no idea where to go next. To this day I have never received a word from them about this - no letter, phone call email. If I hadn't rung up I am not sure what would have happened...

I am tempted just to turn up anyway on my allotted time and see what happens. Sorry rant over!

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Contact PALS the patient liaison service - they are there for just such situations as you have encountered and wow can a word from them work miracles in the booking system.

uclh.nhs.uk/pandv/helpandsu... is the website you need.

I wouldn't risk popping in hoping they can see you.

For starters they won't have any of your records to hand, which they will need to consult, they will more than likely send you home and you will have wasted time and transport costs for nothing and will end up increasingly frustrated with them.

Try Pals and get a confirmed appointment through them, if you have tried the usual methods and hit a brick wall every time. They owe you an appointment - they messed up so PALs are you next step when the problem is still not getting resolved.

Very best of luck better luck next time.


Thanks impatient have contacted PALS - hopefully they can get the ball rolling!


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