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Anyone been treated at Southampton?

Hi everyone,

So I had another meeting with a so called specialist again on wednesday & it was a total waste of time as he just fobbed me off again. My gp told me that if I still had no luck then she would be referring me to the specialist endo centre in southampton (she was pretty annoyed last time with the way this specialist had treated me & the fact that he was just fobbing me off). I have severe endo & am hoping that they can help me at southampton, so does anyone have any experiences or advice for me? I have a blog on my journey so far if anyone is interested too:


Thanks xxxxx

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Ive just had an operative laproscopy in Southampton, was private but think they use the same consultants. I dont think your allowed to talk about specific hospitals/consultants on here but if you want to private message me you can.


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