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Is it infection or normal?

Hey all. Had my laparoscopy done 14 days ago. Due to an umbilical hernia when I was a baby, the surgeon had to make my central incision just below my belly button.

I have discovered a small amount of pus coming out this evening and I'm not sure if this is normal to expect?

Sorry to be graphic but its kinda creamy colour then clear.

I have dissolvable stitches and kept it completely covered and dry for 7 days. Now I just pat it dry immediately after showers, no shower gel etc on it.

I'm going back to see him on Friday evening so just wanted to check if I need to get it looked at sooner? Should I just keep an eye on it and wait a few days until my appointment?

Thanks ladies xx

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Does sound like infection - my belly button holes are also just below the belly button and on my 1st lap years ago the pus strands were the 1st sign of the infection. You could try and get to see the GP sooner - but a day or two wait shouldn't make a huge difference to a lap hole infection if you are able to keep the wound cleaned and antiseptics on it regularly in the meantime.

If it does get really nasty and you still cannot see your GP - then visit your nearest NHS drop in centre who will be able to sort you out with antibiotics pronto

A&E can be used if you find yourself feverish and sick as well as pus from that hole and don't have an NHS drop in centre near you.

Keeping a careful and clean watch on the wound is fine at this stage, it should be enough to get your through to Friday's appointment but there's no harm calling up the surgery 1st thing and seeing if you can get an earlier appointment.

Hope it clears up quickly for you.


I'm with impatient here, does sound like an infection. When I had a bad infection this was the first signs which I ignored thinking it was normal. Just be careful and if you're worried get checked out! Hope they can sort you Friday x


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