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Return of periods after prostrap

Hi, I had my last injection in January and it was a 3 month course. I still haven't had a period, just wondering what other peoples experiences are, I know it is probably my body getting back to normal but was told they should have returned by Beginning of May! Thank you x

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Average is 6 months, so half of women before then and nearly half take longer and for a tiny number their ovaries stay shut down because the part of the pituitary gland that produces the hormones, doesn't get back in to full production. I have read on this forum of ladies waiting over a year and a couple of cases where their bodies didn't ovulate again after the drug.

As your still at about only 4 months after the last implant would have been due if you had had it, it's still early days yet.

Sods law if you want a long break you'll get ovulating sooner and if you want to restart ovulating soon you'll end up waiting longer. Hopefully not too long to go now.


Hi I had my last injection in January this year (after a 7 month course pre-op). I had one proper period at the end of May but none since. I am starting to wonder if I am now in the proper menopause but I am 43 so given my age that wouldn't be that bizarre. On a personal level I would be fine about the menopause my only concerns are whether I will suffer in the long term in regards to bone density due to lack of oestrogen. Also my hair is starting to fall out again like it did on Prostap, no bald patches thank god but losing lots every day now :-( and I feel like it's affected my libido. I am planning on contacting my gynae about whether I should have a low dose of HRT but I appreciate that may grow my endo back and it's only just been removed!!! The joys of endo!!!!!


After my first course it was 6 months. After a second course it was 8 months at least - possibly 9 but my memory is failing me today for some reason! It was certainly significantly longer than the first time round.


yikes! I have been taking my course for 5 months, after my lap, and my last injection was in end of June, so its not been such a long time yet. However I was on my IVF coordination appointment today and now I am just waiting for my cycle to start again so I can start with the IVF medicine. Never thought I would be longing for my period again. The IVF clinic told be to come call if I still haven't received my period in the end of august to do a scan and see how my body is reacting.

My gyno/endo doctor didn't really tell me when I would be getting my period back, but one other fertility doctor said I can expect anything between 1 to 9 months.


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