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Constant migraine


Just so worn down by constant migraines. Gone from one a fortnight to two a week and constant aura (pins needles dizzy blind spots etc). I know my endo isnt good at the mo and need treatment but my only two options are another lap/danazol. Had both before and cannot face a sixth lap.

Just wondered how many suffer migraine with endo.

Thanks. Its getting me down.

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Hi I suffer from migraines too. Like you I had around 2/3 a week before my last lap. I still get migraines but not as many. But some months it seem to suffer more with them. My symptoms seem to change monthly with this stupid disease but things are gradually getting worse because all of my endo wasn't removed. All of the doctors and gyneas I have spoken to about the connection between migraines and endo seem to disagree BUT endo definitely does cause migraines, especially when we have it on our bowels somewhere. How can endo not cause migraines when it's on the bowel? Doctors really at times are so silly. Before I had endo I very rarely had a headache and never had a migraine. X


Thanks so much for replying. Its interesting as I also get awful diarrhoea which docs thinks is caused by endo so maybe its on bowel. Know I need to deal with endo but had 5 laps every drug going and sick of how it makes me feel. My gynae said endo releases its own hormones and will def make while system worse. Want to run away and hide! Going back to see gynae soon to discuss further as i take so much pain relief. Nice to know im not alone



I've also have migraines and at one time I was getting two migraines a week. My doctor prescribed me a preventative medication called propananol and this has helped reduce the number and severity of my migraine attacks.

Migraines can be caused by stress, food triggers and hormones (I use to get awful pre menstrual migraines). My migraines seem very sensitive to medications.

I haven't read any conclusive link between Endo and migraines

I hope you soon get relief from your migraines.

Barbara x


Thanks for replying. I tried betablockers but my pulse went too low and so stopped. Migraine is like endo. Hard to control/cope with. I prob need to treat my endo then maybe migs will ease. Hope youre ok today xx





I suffer with awful migraines to the extent that I could get 3 or 4 a week. It all got very unmanageable having those as well as endo to deal with. I tried the beta-blockers but had to be on a really high dose of 320mg a day before they would have any effect at all. I am asthmatic an although I don’t have much of an issue these days taking that high a dose did start to trigger my asthma so I had to come off them.

I now take an antiepileptic drug called Topiramate brand name Topamax. It’s rather a strong medication and can take a long time for your body to adjust to it; to begin with I would get confused very easily and found it hard to think straight sometimes. I even put Ribena in the washing machine instead of fabric conditioner once, but after a few weeks I went back to normal and my friends and work colleagues enjoyed it! I did develop a strange addiction to water for a couple of months, I must have been drinking about 5 litres a day and fizzy drinks all tasted awful! However my migraines are pretty much under control and if I do get one I just take a triptan and it’s usually gone within an hour.

Might be worth a try if you haven’t tried them before? Oh and I lost about 2 and a half stone within 4 months of taking them too and I was only a size 12!

Victoria Xx


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