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Has anyone got endo and low white blood cells?

Hi everyone, not had enough time to post or update or ask any questions recently as have been going through the works with my endo! After being told to take the pill back to back and to use mefanamic acid when bleeding I found my body didn't want to skip a period, after taking the pill for no more than 2 months I started getting all the pains I would normally get with a period and with my endo, to cut a long story short I bled for 3 and a half weeks (don't think I've ever felt so low in my life) went back and forward to my gp to eventually get bloods taken, just got called a few days ago to say I had low white blood cells, has anyone ever has this before with endo? Apparently I need to go back and get more bloods done. Seems like us ladies just never get a break! Any advice or info would be great x

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A low white cell count is normally a sign there is an infection that your body is trying to fight but also can be caused by certain meds have a look on wiki for more info. Xx


WBC is a big concern to my drs. So, I'll outline my situation, hoping this testimonial might be useful to you:

My consistently low white blood cells count is mainly due to my infant onset systemic lupus going untreated most of my life. As I understand it, WBC is calculated based on a sort of 'average' from the combination of figures relating to several different types of white blood call. My lowest level of white blood cell is from my lymphocytes. I'm now on full-on daily SLE treatment (antimalarial+immunosuppressant) plus various prescription topicals, amitriptyline, mefenamic, anti inflammatory diet & supplements etc etc.

I''m now 60, have been in lupus treatment for 3+ years

and am feeling better than I have since the 1970s, but my WBC is watched v closely because my daily immunosuppressant can cause WBC to drop dangerously and although mine is always just below normal, my drs don't want it to drop more. I get monthly FBC tests + various other lupus blood tests. my FBC results (especially the low lymphocytes) indicate I'm prone to infection, but since I fully settled done in lupus treatment, I've had less infections than at any point during my life.....and I've always been highly phone to infection. It took approx 3 years for my lupus treatment to hit max effectiveness

So, your drs should do tests to determine what's causing these distressing things that are going on with you...am wishing you every possible and speedy success


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