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Endo symptoms without periods?

I may be clutching at straws, but would value feedback. I was diagnosed in 1989 having a laparoscopy, and had ovarian cysts too, given male hormone tablets, then again in 1994 had severe Endo, has prostap, a treatment given by injection for 6 months, which is a prostate treatment, I was then on the contraceptive injection until late 30's , I haven't had a period for years, due to now taking cerazette pill, but for the past 5 weeks I am suffering with symptoms like Endo, I am have lower abdo pain, with that dragging feeling down my legs, a very bloated stomach, I am 43, nearly 44, usually healthy, I am seeing gp next week, but I would be really grateful for any feedback, is it possible to have the symptoms as I had all those years ago without having a period? Thanks in advance xxx

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I have mirena and cerazette so don't have periods (apart from this week for some reason) and I still have all the other symptoms xxx


Thanks for letting me know xxx saw gp today, he has asked for bloods and faecal tests to rule out various, I have said it's like the pain when I was v poorly with endo xx


I have the mirena coil in and although I don't have any periods at all I get all the normal symptoms of endo and I always have it worse one week a month, when I presume something period like is going on inside me, without the actual bleeding.... I get all the normal period symptoms too... sore breasts, PMT etc....

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