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Always on the edge of tears....... HELP!

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has any good ways of dealing with the stress of Endo?

I have my first lap in 2 weeks time to confirm if I have it or not. I have been suffering from the symptoms for 2 years now and it has taken me alot to get both my GP and doctors at the hospital to agree that it seems like it is endo, I have had so many tests that there is nothing left that it can be. The only thing that showed up on my external/internal scan was fluid on my pelvis (which the doctor at the hospital believes may be blood from bleeding tissue)

But I am now finding it hard to deal with the stress of always being ill for at least a week of the month, it affects so much of my life and I'm struggling to stay strong. I snap and cry at just about anything and feel like I'm loosing myself as it restricts me so much. I'm normally a strong person but I feel like i'm falling at the last hurdle as I'm also so worried they won't find it and I will have to go through all the tests and pushing my doctors all over again!


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Hi, it is such a hard time when you are trying to get a diagnosis. Your feelings are completely natural and understandable. Don't pressurise yourself to feel like you have to cope 100% of the time. I used to allow myself to have a weep now and again and boy did it feel good from time to time. If you bottle everything up its harder to get through the day to day things without getting snappy and irritable. Then you feel guilty and awful about being off with those around you.

Getting a diagnosis takes a bit of persistence which can be stressful in itself. Set yourself time in your week to make phone calls, chase secretaries, form plans. When I was trying to research and get my diagnosis I would set myself 3 x 1 hour periods per week to do all this type of stuff including browse forums. It helps you to protect the rest of your life. Otherwise you can get a little obsessed about thinking about it all the time.

In terms of reducing stress, try and inject some relaxation into your life. I practice yoga which also helps tremendously with pain and tension in my pelvis and back. There are plenty of gentle videos online. There is even a yoga for endo video on youtube which feels so good. I also spent some time focusing on my diet. I noticed after a few weeks of following the endo diet my symptoms were improving. It felt really good to be throwing myself into something that was helping both my health and my symptoms.

If things continue to feel hard you can always ask your GP to refer you to a counsellor. Sometimes it's just nice to have someone listen to your fears and be supportive of you. Just remember it is ok to feel this way and to have a good cry. Let it be. You are going through so much right now x

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Thank you so much for your reply. It helps to know I'm not the only one xxx


You are defo not the only one sweetie. I know how hard it is. I kept getting told it was in my head, nothing was wrong etc etc. It still affects the way i am with doctors now. The stress is always here, there is always ANOTHER stupid side effect from endo. Gaah!

The thing Istruggle with is that you can't see the illness so it's hard for friends and family to relate. In terms of stress relief, I'm still struggling, but taking time for me helps. So for example I may listen to my audiobook before bed so my mind does not whirr at bedtime. Talking to someone you trust helps and not trying to be strong all the time. This is a shit illness that is diificult to understand. Keep coming on here and sharing your experiences. I hope you feel better able to cope soon. Big hugs


It is a very difficult and isolating illness. I am currently dealing with a recurrence of endo and currently my experience mirrors that to what I had prior to the diagnostic lap back in last January. My mother, mainly, has been very difficult to get her to understand that I'm not "stressed" and it's not in my head. Her lack of care causes me to feel isolated and stressed because I know that I'm not making this up. Prior to the lap, I had to deal with her telling me that it was all in my head and that every woman has her period, so I just have to get on with it. In additon, had to also deal with a lot of fobbing off from doctors. I think that because no body can see it and there is very diverse understanding when it comes to endometriosis that it is difficult for friends, family and some medical staff to understand what you're dealing with. I'm in a similiar situation. All I can advise is to take a day at a time. You've made a positive step in joining this community where there are many ladies on here who completely understand -- and I can speak from experience, it does help to go on here to talk about it when otherwise you cannot. best wishes.=)


I agree it is a very isolating illness and I often feel alone and no one understands, I don't just have 'period pains' I have pains all the time and it is tiring, every single day! I too am on a reoccurrence I had endo 10 years ago had it lasered away and now have it again :( it must be awful to feel you don't get that emotional support from your mum, I don't have my family tell me it's in my head but they also don't understand the pain


Thank you all for your replies, hearing from others who truly understand means so much to me and gives me hope! Xxx

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I'm exactly the same. I cry at everything. I'm snappy. It's difficult for people to understand what it is like to be in pain everyday. Chin up it is normal. X


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