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Update on in pain only 3 weeks after lap to remove endo

So I went to my go yesterday like I said I would and she wasn't very useful! As nice as she was she said I needed to go to the hospital for some pain relief and she would write a letter to my gyne consultant... I went home and called an ambulance like she told me to and the ambulance took 3 hours to get here.. Leaving me even more distressed because my partner was getting mad and upset. They gave me gas and air and morphine then when I got to the hospital more gas and air for a few hours.. A doctor came to see me and said he wanted me to go for an X-ray.. Can endo show up on an X-ray?? Well it didn't but he was still pretty sure it was that... I was then given I pain reliefe that made me throw up it was so strong and pretty much knocked me out... That's all I remember then I was home in bed :S but my partner says the doctor said it's the endo back or was never fully gone :( I have been crying all day because I thought this was our chance at a normal life... Life sucks eh? Xx

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The X-ray would have been to rule out any complications eg an abscess or perforation. Obviously they have ruled out any acute complications to have sent you home. I think 3 weeks is very early to be getting upset that the operation hasn't worked. Be patient with your body. It can take some time to heal from the trauma of the surgery. In fact the inside of the body is much slower to heal than the outside. My consultant warned me that the first ovulation and first couple of periods after a lap can cause agony. He doesn't want me to judge whether the lap has worked until 4 months have passed!

I hope you get some relief soon but make sure you take it easy and don't jump to the conclusion that your endo is back until you have given yourself a bit more time.


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