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Starting a big diet change, fingers crossed!

Hi all, my husband and I have decided it's time to stop with the mass of pain drugs which make me horribly drowsy and depressed, and that very soon I'll stop using contraceptives as well, so I'm getting started using natural methods to keep my pain and symptoms under control. I haven't had a period for several years, pretty much since my diagnosis, and they used to be horrendous so I'm really very nervous about this fairly major step that I'm taking. It may all fail miserably, but I reckon it's worth a go. I'll keep you posted on whether I'm able to control my pain using natural pain relief. If anybody has any suggestions of things that have worked for them I'd love to hear them!

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Hiya. Definitely worth a go!! I very rarely take pain medication (since having terrible side effects from Codeine) I swear by heat pads, regular exercise, relaxation exercises and stretching and as clean a diet as I can manage (I'm a little bad for junk food sometimes!). I have found Aloe Vera juice to be great if my digestive system decides to get involved and I drink heaps of green tea and water (also with lemon). I haven't come off contraception in 8 years and like you I haven't had a period in that time, I don't blame you for being nervous about that, I would be too! The very best of luck with it and I hope it is a blinding success :) xx


Wow, good for you! Really hope it goes well for you, and I look forward to hearing about it, I'd like some tips! I'm in agreement with Elwood, I try and eat well, get a good balance of exercise and relaxing (much easier said than done unfortunately) and my hot water bottle is my best friend!

Best of luck!


Good luck I too decided to try this a couple of days ago hope it goes well for you keep us posted x


I have reduced things like, dairy, caffeine, red meat, soya, wheat, sugar and alcohol. There are books on amazon that are good edo diets and advice of why to reduce them things as they irritated or help build up the Endo etc, coffee was my thing that gave me lots and lots of pain, i have swapped my milk to almond too. Different for everyone but worth a try!! X


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