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Mirena coil issues

Hi there! I got my mirena coil put in place roughly 10 months ago and bled for the first 3 to 4 months but after this it stopped. I was told rhis is completely normal. I still got back ache and the slighest pink tinge to my discharge which always got heavier nearer my time of the month. Recently I have been suffering with pelvic pains and just the past month its been a real bother. I have a one year old and pushing her pram to bump up a kerb sometimes feels like my pelvis has cracked. I have had this blood tinged discharge twice since my last period and constant back ache which only subsides for a day or two. Now my period is back and I have upper stomack pain, just under my ribs and shooting pains in my vagina everytime I sit down. When I went for a pee this morning there was also a very water blood mark on the toilet paper. It was definitely blood but I am assuming it was watered down with my urine. I just really want answers to what could be going on. Is there something wrong? Has it moved/tilted? Have I accidentally falling pregnant? I really dont no. I dont want to waste my gp's time thanks x

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Have you checked to see if you can feel the strings of the mirena ? If you can feel them then it's extremely unlikely that you could be pregnant. If you can't feel the strings then you must go to your GP.

When I had the mirena my pelvic pain became more severe. And it seems that is something that can happen to a lot of ladies.

You really do need to visit your GP. Your not wasting their time.... It's what they are there for.

If you can, take a specimen of urine with you so that the doctor can check it for infection.

The pain under your ribs could be due to a number of conditions and again I urge you to seek your GP's advice.

Best wishes,

Barbara x


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