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Took the after pill, could I be pregnant ?


please excuse if its too much information. Just needed to talk,to somebody.

i normally am not regular with my period and and my cycle is of like 32-34 days.. So, if i have a period this month, then most likely i'll have few days after the same date next month.

i had my my period last month on th 21. So normally, i'd expect it around 25-26 this month.

but heres the deal.

i had sex on the 20th this month. (safe date! ) he used a condom, it slipped , but he didn't come inside. I took the morning after pill next day jst as a precaition. NO vomitting . But felt queasy throughout the day. I bled that day and i thought maybe it was the spotting. But then it lasted for 5days like a normal period . With first 3 days of heavy bleeding. And next 2 days normal. So, in guessing it was NOT. The after effect sporting, but actual period.

so now that i've had the pill, had my period. Is there anyyyy chance I could be pregnant ? Or was it the spotting and I should expect to have a period any time soon ( seems unlikely to me ). And also, if u have your period , could there be still a chance of pregnancy. ?

I'm a medical student. And I think , i'm pretty much safe, considering the odds. Just that , i got to know a friend of a friend got pregnant despite the morning pill. Drove me nuts. I just need to be sure. I'm scared. :(

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No one else can answer that for you, its best to do a pregnancy test. As a medical student, you know to take it first thing in the morning but don't do it until you've missed a period. There is every possibility that you're pregnant but also every possibility that your not. Only the test can tell you that. If you are pregnant then its meant to be and if you have Endo I wouldn't risk and abortion or abortion pill as that can make Endo worse and conceiving a lot harder. Just take it in your stride and you'll be fine. Best of luck that you get the outcome you're after.

Leya x


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