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Many cysts found on BOTH ovaries, and I am 16.


I am 16 and have always had an irregular period.

I haven't had my period for about 7 months now and went and saw my GP. He decided I should get a blood test to check my hormones and a pelvic ultrasound to rule out PCOS ( I am not overweight or hairy so he assumed I wouldn't have it). I do have mild acne though.

I got the ultrasound done first and found out I have 15-20 small cysts on both ovaries. My left is worse then my right, the left has a volume over double what it is meant to be and the right just under double.

My GP then said I needed to get the blood test as just having cysts on my ovaries doesn't mean I have PCOS.

I got the results back for my blood test today saying it is 'clear'.


I have an appointment with my GP in a few days, I am just unsure of what could be the cause of the cysts. If my hormone levels are fine then what could be wrong with me?

Just looking for some clarification so I am prepared for my appointment.

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Just because you have normal bloods doesn't mean you don't have PCOS, I have bloods done all the time and they always come back clear but I have endometriosis, adenomyosis and for a short time had PCOS but that was due the the hormone treatment I had which was creating large cysts left right and centre.

Don't give up pushing for an answer. It could be that you just have cysts a lot but don't necessarily have PCOS as many women have cysts without PCOS.

Irregular periods however is common depending on how long you've been having them. PCOS sufferers have irregular periods so that is another sign. Its very hard to get diagnosed with it as there aren't many test they can do, they basically just tick off a list of symptoms which ones you have.

I am 18 now and found out after a laparoscopy at 16 that I had Endo and only in the last 2 months found out that I have had adeno all this time undiagnosed.

A bit personal so don't answer if you don't want to, but are there any things that are happening that are unusual for you or things that have changed it happened since you started puberty? Is there any pain, headaches, fatigue? Anything that may even seem unrelated can be a sign.

I hope you get answers soon and if you ever need someone to talk to then pm me and I'll get back to you ASAP as I'm always on here.

Good luck and take care,

Leya xxx


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