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Feeling Panicked

Recieved a letter from the hospital today postponing by August appointment at the pain clinic until October! I rang them to ask for cancellations etc and they've moved it from the end of October to the beginning. I am in agony every day on Tramadol paracetamol and oromorph as well. Struggling to keep going into work and to do even the most basic things like wash, cook and clean. Trying to keep my chin up but now clutching at a very shaky straw. Just needed to share - any advice welcome

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Did they explain why they rearranged your appointment ?


Actually, no they didn't.


Hello sweetie, take some deep breaths, youve made it this far! The pain clinic was never going to be a cure for you. Its really difficult to get your head around but that it one of the first things they will tell you. All they can really do is look at your pain meds. When I went they even tried lowering the dose on my tramadol rather than masking the pain more to try and help with the mind fuzz. So it can wait.

Although the clinic may recommend a pain management workshop course, in all honesty it will tell you very little that you don't already know because you are already managing with pain, it just doesn't feel like it at the moment.

To me it sounds like you may need some councilling, someone to talk to that isn't part of the situation is such a blessing and they can really help you to work through the panic and frustration, maybe your work has someone you could see?


Thanks DarklingsMuse I know your right I guess I just needed to feel like I was doing something, anything to make the situation better. I need to go back to a day at time mentality. When I look too far foward it just seems endless. Work isn't being helpful at the moment so perhaps will try my GP.