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Sorry for the dramatic title, and for the massive whinge in advance, but I am honestly so frustrated today and needed to share!!

A bit of background...

After a horrendous year of chronic pain, I had my second lap in April where they removed moderate infiltrating endo from POD, ovarian fossae, uterine folds etc. When I came round the consultant showed me pics and told me extent of endo, but can't really remember what they said (v groggy) - they gave me a simple discharge sheet stating areas and endometriosis found, treated by diathermy. Since my op I've been taking Cerazette back to back for 62 days now - 59 of which I've now been bleeding for, as well as experiencing horrible mood swings and anxiety. For the last two weeks, my deep gnawing pain in my left hip and lower back which I had before my op has come back, so currently taking 2 x codryadmol every 4 hours again.

Last week I had a call from my GP's surgery saying they had a letter from the hospital and could I book an appointment. They wouldn't tell me what it was about over the phone, and the earliest appt they could give me was for 6 days later (today) which I had to book time off work for, and spent a week worrying about what it could be. So I get to my GP this morning, who asks why I'm there, so I tell her I was asked to come in to discuss a letter. Turns out... the letter was my discharge sheet I already had???!!!! What a waste of time

I thought I'd use the opportunity to ask my GP some advice on my diagnosis and symptoms, but (with best intentions) she was pretty useless. I had to explain to her what some of the acronyms meant e.g. (POD = Pouch of Douglas) and in the end we both agreed I should discuss with my consultant in my follow up appt at the hospital on 17th July.

I'm just so frustrated... wasting my time, not being any clearer on anything, still in pain, bleeding constantly and an emotional wreck! Not sure I can cope with this so soon after my lap!

Anyway sorry for rant, just nice to know other people understand how I feel

Kate x

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My 14 year old daughter had her op on may and still in a lot of pain her follow up isnt it august .went gp he said thinks they have missed some endo and put her on a new pill see if that helps.good luck with u c


Hi Kate - so sorry to read how you have been feeling. It definitely helps to share and this forum is great for that. Disappointing after surgery to still have the pain. 59 days seems a long time to be bleeding, that would get you down and you may even be low on iron. No doubt the hormones have not helped and you can't help but get anxious / up and down when you have all of that to cope with and are not supported by your GP at all. OK for her to say best to discuss it with your consultant but she isn't the one who has to wait whilst trying to cope with it. Maybe your consultant will try a different contraceptive pill with you to see if there is one that suits you better. Just watch out for constipation with co-dydramol as coedine based. Plenty of water, lactulose and tinned apricots usually keep it at bay.

Hugs to you and hope you will have some good days and get a good consultation, eventually. x x


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