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Think my endo is spreading please help :(


Having a really rubbish day today :( I am 19 & have severe endometriosis on my uterus, bowels & general abdominal area (stage 4)- had a laparoscopy on the 18th of April but was told I would need major surgery to treat it. Lately I've noticed that I'm struggling to breathe & getting horrible pain in my chest & upper back. I've also been having really severe stomach pains & bowel spasms (was nearly on my way to hospital last night) & I've needed to take morphine as it's so bad. I've got an appointment with the bowel specialist on wednesday but I just really need some advice xx

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You poor thing. I'm not sure that I have any advice to give a apart from the usual to relieve the symptoms. I have been in same situation as you and I know it seems bleak now but it will get better xx

Thanks Tarley,

It's just really hard at the moment & I know it will get better- just doesn't seem like it now xx

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