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New to this! But would like advice on norethisterone


Hi all! 18 months ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis. Since then I have tried all sorts of medication. I recently come of prostrap injections as I was bleeding the whole time I was on it (5 months nearly) I was lucky to have a few hours every now and then not bleeding. My gyne has now said to try these norethisterone for 3 months. Got to go back September. Has these tablets worked for anyone else? Would just like a little normality back for myself and kids. Feel old before my time I am only 26 :(

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Norethisterone did work to stop my periods arriving...but be warned they are very fickle and you really have to be religious about taking them at the same set times day in day out. Just one or two missed ones, or lost due to the runs or being sick and it will trigger a period to arrive a couple of days or so later.

On the plus side this allows you come level of control about when you have your periods, so for training courses, holidays, exam times etc it is a great option to keep a period at bay till you are better able to cope with having one.

somewhere I read there was a 12 hour max time for each pill, so you would need to top up before the 12 hours is up which could mean if you forget the pill the night before and sleep through and have a lie in in the morning you could easily overshoot the 12hours and that could be enough to trigger a period.

That's the only down side I had.Trying to remember to keep taking them inspite of all of life's distractions.

The best one of all was mirena coil as it doesn't require remembering to take anything at all and once fitted it has a life span of up to 5 years and it too stops periods but take about 4-6 months to do so. Well worth it though.

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