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Really confused. And How long does it take to feel the benefits after lap? :(


Hi all I had my first lap done last Wednesday, I didn't really get much of an update as to what they had done? The nurse said my ovaries are healthy they found patches of endo and removed it, she couldn't understand doctors notes so I need to wait for a letter to go to my doctors and that was basically it. As I was coming round in recovery I heard the nurses talking about me saying emdometrioma or endometrium (something along them lines) and she's back in 3 months. Does anyone know what that means? I also can't get out of my head the nurse asked if I had kids, which I don't but eventually plan to, I didn't question why as I was still out of it. It could haven been conversation but now I think why would she make conversation when I didn't even know what day it was? Anyway I started feeling much better weekend but last night I was up in agony, today I feel awful, my insides are really dull aching and my whole body is aching like the flu feeling so I'm now wiped out in bed back on the Codeine miserable as hell feeling back at square one. :(

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I had a lap and hysteroscopy nearly 3 weeks ago. 5 days post op I felt awful. I never considered I'd have endo (I went in for infertility) as I didnt have particularly painful periods, etc. However, when I started my period I nearly passed out. I'm putting it down to treatment and period all in a short amount of time. Since then I've not had anything that I can remember. I'm now about to ovulate which is when I used to get pains so fingers crossed it wont be worse. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

Thankyou, yes it started getting me around the 5 day mark I expected I'd get better not worse. Fingers crossed for you the pain stays away :)

You have had a procedure done that is quite hard going everyone is different but don't expect to recover so quickly, take it easy look after yourself

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