Please help, I am on my third Zoladex injection and have just started bleeding... Is this normal??

Hi ladies,

I wonder if any of you have experienced heavy bleeding while being on the Zoladex injection. My first two injections were fine, didn't even feel them go in, I have had no bleeding or signs of bleeding, however this last injection was painful and has left a bruise.

A week after the injection I started spotting brownish blood for approx 3 days, until now my 5th day. I now have what seems like a proper heavy period, red blood with clots...

Is this normal?? Does this mean that my last injection didn't work??

Any advice would be greatly received.

Thank you

Kelly xx

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  • No it is not normal, please contact your GP. From the patient advice leaflet bleeding beyond the initial flare stage needs to be reported to your GP.

  • Thanks Impatient,

    I went to my doctors today and she's given me a prescription for Tranexamic acid tablets 500mg. She didn't seem worried and said the injection may not have worked this month!

    Thanks for the advice.

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