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Having really bad trouble peeing!!! Help!

I dont really know how to explain it at all. My stomach muscles sometimes get really weak and i have trouble going to the toilet but its not really caused me too bigger issue.

However, today was something else. I could feel i was bursting for the loo and my stomach looked massive so i got up and went to the toilet. But i couldnt pee, i had trouble with the toilet yesterday and my muscles cramped up after so i knew my muscles would be weak still today. But on top of this it was like my vagina and all the tubing (sorry tmi) wouldnt open up and it felt like it was blocked.

Eventually everything opened up and i started to pee but then the flow would stop and it felt like everything inside was tensing up which really wasnt helping the situation.

In the end it took me about 5 mins to get out all the wee and my endo effected area is in somewhat discomfort. Ive had infections before and it fees nothing like that does anyone have any ideas or advice?

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speak to your Gp- there are lots of different sorts of bladder muscle relaxants which can help with bladder retention problems.

After my big op i had 17 months of difficulty peeing then it corrected itself one morning I woke up and felt normal again and i was indeed working normally and have been ever since (touch wood).

Bladder retention can come about due to something knocking the normal rhythm and cycle of bladder muscle pulsation out of whack.

So you feel the need to go, but cannot. When you do go, your body thinks the bladder is signalling empty when it isn't and you'll be back on the loo trying again soon after.

Surgery, adhesions, endo, infections, prolapses and all sorts of trauma to the bladder can cause these bladder spasms, which you cannot feel happening, but the wiring signals that should be working in perfect sequence suddenly get muxed ip.

i tried buscopan at 1st and it didn't help me much, but next one i tried helped a lot. That was oxybutynin hydrochloride. There were others i could have tried if that hadn't worked, so do speak to your GP. You may not need them for long at all, just a week or so is the usual to get the system back on track.

Also your Doc can check if there is an infection and if so get you some antibiotics.

Not all infections of the bladder cause painful weeing , some cause problems with inability to pass urine and the opposite, unable to stop going and holding it in.

It's trial and error, once infections are ruled out, to see if the muscle relaxants help you out. And they may do an internal to check for a prolapse causing problems.

It sure is a very uncomfortable state to be in, bursting with a full bladder but unable to pee. If you have a complete block please visit A&E - it is an emergency then, and they can relieve you of the backlogged pee.

So long as you are passing something - even if that's a teaspoon's worth every 10 minutes, it isn't an emergency though it is darned inconvenient and VERY uncomfy indeed.

Not in the least bit fun. My sympathies to you. Do try and see the Doc asap and get it checked out. It could be simple to fix, but may be a symptom of something that needs more specialist help.

Fingers and Toes crossed for you that it was a one off and you'll escape any further problems.


I have this and it's down to endo being on the ureter up to the kidney and it traps it, so they have to free it up during laps. Have you got the endo affecting any of your waterworks? Hope you're a little better today? x


Thank you ladies. Im glad to report that it seems to be just a one off! I do still get a lot of cramping after using the toilet which can get really quite painful and my endo affected area kept throbbing and i'd get shooting pains in my vagina. I'll most certainly keep an eye on it and i keep a diary written as i have had a few infections since my endo diagnosis.

And Millz i have endo on my womb just under my right ovary? X


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