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Sort of related to endo

I had a lap done last year to remove endo but they didnt remove all of it and have got bladder problems since having it done. I am on bladder retraining and that means i have to self catheterize most of the time now. I also get a lot of urine infections usually monthly or there abouts. I saw my urigyne on monday and she thinks i have narrowing of the urethra which they need to operate under general anaesthetic to winden it they said it would be within 6wks but are doing in 2 weeks.

Has anyone had this done and can anyone tell me what to expect and do you come home the same day



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Hi I also have bladder issues because of endo and have to self catheterise all the time I had the same problem and it not that bad an op I also had stents put in which they aren't keen on when u ic but had no choice. I am seeing my consultant on 3rd july he wanting to do suprapubic catheter so going t c if his reasons for it are ok with me lol. I found recovery wise nothing major really was the same as any other lap I was home the same day.


Thanks and good luck with your consultant. I kinda think im worry about nothing and wont have anything explained properly until my pre-op which is only 2 days before op. I was asked how long i would be off for by my boss and couldnt tell her i did say i would be back in monday cant say she was too impressed with that considering only having done on thursday but i told her i need to be back as have an exam on the tuesday nothing like bad timing.


Oh no can u not postpone op till a more suitable time


That dont sound good i take it going back to work monday is a bad idea? They wanted the op done within 6 wks and then rang me and said they wanted me to have it the 19th june 2 wks after seeing consultant so no cant postpone op i maybe able to postpone my exam due to the circumstances


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