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Still awaiting a diagnosis

I have posted on here before with my symptoms, for over a month now I've had excruciating pain in my left abdomin I've had various guessed diagnosis from doctors - pancreatitus, appendicitis, ruptured ovarian cyst, constipation, gynae problem, endometriosis, gastro problem, colitis - I had a sigmoidoscopy on Monday and they couldn't see any bowel problems. The pains still here and I feel so exhausted, no one seems to be giving me any answers. I have ibs aswell so i think some of my symptoms may have been ignored if they focused on the ibs symptoms rather than the gynae symptoms. I just need some advise I'm so confused!

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Are you being referred to a gynaecologist now?


I'm just waiting for the biopsie results but assuming they're all clear yes being referred to a gynae will be the next step x


That's good, as you really need to see them so they can rule in or out whether it is indeed a gynae problem. Have you got a symptom and pain diary? If not, I'd start preparing one in advance of your gynae appointment so that you can focus them on the gynae symptoms. It's really helpful if you can note patterns (especially ones that are not indicative of IBS type issues) to your pain.

Are you being given any painkillers in the meantime? I find the pain is exhausting and mentally draining. Getting the pain under a semblance of control while waiting for appointments is really important IMO as a lot of these appointments are so strung out and far apart. Not knowing what's wrong is emotionally draining - the pushing for diagnosis is also really tiring.


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