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Dilated fallopian tubes?

Morning ladies,

I'm still in limbo over what may be wrong, my last lap didn't show anything up. My renal scan has been cancelled when it went through to the dept to book it, then re-booked after my consultant said I still need it, and I'm still waiting on the appointment, but my last follow up with the consultant to talk through the laparoscopy highlighted my tubes were dilated and that could be causing the pain but only a 'could'. I could have them out but as we don't know for definite, and we're TTC albeit with the aid of IVF starting as soon as I get my BMI to 30, then it's not really something to consider just now anyway.

I can't really find out much about dilated tubes though and wondered if anyone here had experienced this and if it is just this causing the pain then are the symptoms similar to that of endo, with the location of pain etc? Any advice would be much appreciated as it's not something I've read much about.

Thanks in advance :)

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There's a condition called hydrosalpinx which is dilated tubes, and using the term hydrosalpinx in google you will find stacks of information about it and various other causes of tubal dilation. Also use the search box on the green bar at the top of this page as there have been many cases discussed on this forum too.

you can have the tubes surgically removed.

hydrosalpinx can affect one tube

or both tubes would be called hydrosalpinges.

just use hydrosalpinx when looking it up though.



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