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Weak bladder, painful ultrasound.. Confused?

I'm currently being tested for endo & just y'day I had to have an external ultrasound which required a full bladder and I was in agony, so much so I was crying to the nurse (embarrassing). Being only 20 & not having any children I used to have quite good bladder control but now I have to run for the loo! I'm so stressed with all the ongoing tests so picking up on similar symptoms is some what reassuring. Does it hurt any of you ladies when you feel the urge to pee? & did your loss of bladder control come on out of no where? Also has anyone had the full bladder scan & found it ridiculously painful? I was in so much pain when the nurse was barely pressing on my pelvic area with the ultrasound. She said that this should typically not cause any pain? Confused.

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Google interstitial cystitis.

I have this and stage 3-4 endo and yes, I find any sort of scans that require a full bladder absolutely hell. It makes me want to cry and shout and throw up and then cry some more. When I do have a really full bladder (in the morning when I wake up for example) I find peeing hard and have to force it out (which hurts more). I'm 23 so understand that it's really difficult especially at this age to be goin through something like this. When I had my diagnostic lap for endo I also had a rigid cystoscopy (camera into the bladder) and bladder distension (they fill your bladder as far as it will go to 'stretch' it, all under general anesthetic. I was then given a really long term dose of anti biotics and offered nerve blockers but didn't take them as the distension seemed to really help. Do you know if you have endo actually on your bladder? That could be a sign too.

I hope you find some relief soon! Although the distension helped, my bladder has been flaring up the last week really bad and I have a water bottle constantly attached just trying to find some relief (and not getting up in the night a million times for the loo!)



I'm in the same boat. I've had all kinds of tests and there was no evidence of I.C apart from white blood cells. There is Endo on my bladder but i think an infection i had started it. The anti biotics made my bladder sensitive so it flares up with certain foods and at certain times. Get the urine testing kits on e bay to check what's going on. Inflammation Can make your bladder feel full. It could be a sensitivity to something in your urine, Endo, yeast or something else. I have strep b come up in a swab but go with your instinct. I started having problems after coming off the pill. I have Endo on my bladder as it happens but i suspect theyres a few factors at play.


I had to have an ultrasound when I said to my GP the problems I have with my period, I thought I'd be okay holding the bladder, but it felt so painful and I had pain on my right side that was so painful I couldn't help but cry, people thought I was nervous because I was crying but i was only crying because the pain was so bad, the ultrasound came back clear now I just feel really embarrassed, I waited 5months to see a gynaecologist and eventually when I saw she eventually said she'd request for a laparoscopy to see if it's endometriosis, I'm nervous that it will be endo, but I'm also worried they won't find anything and will just send me home, and think I'm wasting there time.


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