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Anyone experiencing strange arm pain/cramping/burning sensation?


Hiya ladies! I know that all Endo sufferers have different symptoms, but I'm wondering if anyone else has suffered with the above?

I'm yet to be diagnosed with Endo (Lap is 12th June) but for the last couple of weeks, whenever my pain has been really bad or I've been especially tired, my upper left arm has felt weird. It's almost like I've been given a dead arm, with the onset of cramp and a burning pain. Is this anything to do with Endo? It's driving me to distraction and am finding it worse than the Lady Pains I get. TIA! Sarah x

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Hi Sarah please get this checked out by your GP.

I had a similar description in my arm and it was a trapped nerve from a bulging disc in my neck. I've had physio, acupuncture & exercises and it's fine now.

I found mine worse when I was sitting relaxing or at work at my desk and driving. I had to keep movingly arm and rubbing it to get relief, but please get it checked by your GP x

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