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Suffering with endomitriosis


Hi I have severe endo. My ivf doc has put me on the pill for 3 months then a 10 day break during which I have a period. I just need some tips from other people in the same boat. As they are extremely painful to the point where I struggle at work, my emotions go crazy. As I have the cysts all the time and I obviously feel them when not taking the pill, my stomach takes ages to settle down after my period finished ( sides really aching where the cysts are on my ovaries). I know I may come across as quite a wimp ad its only every 3 months but I cannot handle it. Cannot anyone help with how they get through. Status (waiting to save money for egg donation, hence the reason on the pill). Thanks for taking time to read xxx

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Sorry to hear you are not in a good place at the moment. I also have the symptoms you are experiencing when tricycling.

It's so hard to explain how bad you feel and others without this disease just don't realise.

You must be kind to yourself. Eat good foods, rest as much as you can. Go to your dr or gynae and get the right pain medication.

It's not much I know but there are lots of other people who have this too who understand. Xx

Diet is vital. Check out recipes for endo and what to avoid even if only the week before and during period it will really help pain. Dairy and caffeine cause inflammation and cramps. El diablos! You are definitely not a wimp. It's really tough and unfair but you're not alone my darling! These forums are great for support and understanding. Best of luck with the egg donations too. Hope you feel better soon XxX

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