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Bowel endo - rectal bleeding - help!!

Hi, I hope someone can offer me some help and advice. I had an IVF cycle last September as we have male factor infertility problems (all seemed totally fine with me at the time….) It failed, and I then found out I had a cyst on one of my ovaries… I had a lap to remove it (it was a dermoid cyst) and they also found severe endo on my bowel and the area behind my womb and into the pouch of douglas was 'obliterated' and I have a large nodule on my bowel!! However, the surgeon said the lap went well and I can now have another round of IVF. So I thought, problem solved, and since then I have had no period pain at all which is great. A few days ago I got my period and suddenly had a wave of nausea and threw up. Then I noticed blood in my stool, and then had rectal bleeding for my entire period. I am now so confused. I think the surgeon couldn't remove the nodule as it was meant to be surgery to remove a cyst, not bowel surgery and I think he was afraid of perforating the bowel, but I don't know for sure as I am STILL waiting for my follow up appt!! I am meant to be starting IVF in 2 weeks but am so worried about having the IVF whilst I still have this problem. The surgeon didn't mention anything about needing further surgery or anything when i came round from the operation but I think I might need a colonoscopy or something??? I can't even call the surgeon as he's away! My IVF clinic seem a bit concerned I think they are going to have to postpone my cycle. :( I feel so down, things are just getting worse and worse. x

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Hi Katrad83

I felt so sad for you reading this. I too have endo on my bowel and regularly have rectal bleeding during period and ovulation. Did the IVF team explain how the nodules on your bowel could effect your treatment? Depending on the severity, my consultant advised me they don't like to work on the bowel too much through lap because of the risk involved. Although understandably distressing for you, many women undergo IVF with bowel endo so wasn't aware this has an impact on your chance of conception? If the ovary is now clear and your pouch of Douglas is cleared up, you should be good to go? When did you have the lap, as it won't deminish all side effects straight away. Also, when is your surgeon back for you to ask?

You poor thing. Thinking of you x


Hi Emma_Lucie

Thank you SO much for your reply. I am so sorry to read that you have bowel endo too. To be honest I am sort of self diagnosing as I tend to jump to conclusions (understandably so I guess). The IVF consultant said the nodule should have no effect on the IVF (but this was before I got the bleeding which was just a few days ago) I am in no pain whatsoever so I think that is a good thing and I am super lucky? I can definitely live with it if it's not something which needs to be urgently sorted out, I just wondered if I should cycle whilst I have this problem as I don't want to make it worse. But it seems from what you say that you can still have IVF with bowel endo? It's just mega scary seeing blood coming from there, it seems so wrong. I am worried my bowel is perforated and is leaking into my body! Gah! Going to GP this afternoon so will see what they say. For now at least I am on the pill which will keep the endo at bay I guess. Waiting to hear from IVF clinic as to whether I can cycle or not. Fingers crossed. xx


I have on going probs with endo in bowel and pouch of duglous. Ive had this for 7 years. Ive had two rounds of ivf with these probs- 1 was sucessful! I know rectal bleeding is scary but i was told to carry on with ivf. Good luck. Xxxx


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