Who can I turn to?

OK, I am having a bad bad evening. After trying to make a appt with the GP last week after severe cramps, stabbing pains, hip pain and irregular bleeding they can't fit me in for another 2 weeks. Tonight, I am in agony with my stomach - I had something to eat an hour ago and my stomach has bloated to the point I look 6 months pregnant and I am in agony with it !! I don't know what to do :-( I have become exhausted and completely zombie-fied! Has anyone else experienced this after eating?

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  • I get it regularly after meals. Its uncomfortable and bloating looks huge. I send sympathies as its not nice. I usually end up curled in a ball on my side crying. I would go to your local walk in centre or if major pain a and e. I take morphine when ita like that but it wipes me out xx

  • Have you considered giving up gluten? I've found it really helps with the bloating and digestive issues. It's really important to avoid getting constipated too. I have hardly any bloating now that I have changed my diet. More or less following endo diet. I wish I had stuck at it when I was younger but it can be quite hard to do when all your friends are out eating pizza and drinking! I'm old enough now not to care what people think about my diet- I've suffered too long with endo. You should be able to get an GP appointment sooner than 2 weeks. They usually have emergency apps so perhaps you could ask for one of them. Hoping you get some relief soon.

  • I second everything Dillweed has said. It would be worth looking at your diet, first and foremost cutting out gluten and seeing what happens. I use the endo diet as a guide and all my bloating, gas, indigestion, acid relux has vanished. My specialist also acknowledges that this diet has helped and he has been very encouraging.

    Mint tea will give you some relief too. Hope you feel better soon. It's a horrible feeling. x

  • Thanks all, I already follow quite a strict diet as I am very much into my bodybuilding, climbing and mountain biking (exercise is helping!!) so gluten is hardly in my diet. the doctors around my city are useless, I have rung three times this week to get an emergency appt and it's either 'we don't have anything' or 'the urgent care doctor is off sick' I'm fed up because I walked in there the other day as my husband had an appt and nobody was waiting to see a doctor at all! I have made a complaint but unfortunately nothing has changed! I'm even considering going private .. But it's just the cost of it!! I'm in agony this evening but when I have to be up at 5am for work I am loathed to spend 4-5 hours waiting in A&E for a HCA to tell me 'take some painkillers and rest' ! Again! ..anybody would think with all my moaning I was on my period but I haven't had a proper one for over a year!! Lol xx

  • Cant really say much other than i am sorry to hear this. I dont bloat, i just get nauseous after (and before) i eat but i usually end up curled and cry for it to pass. It really is not nice.:( I wish doctors showed compassion for this. :( i hope it improves for you, to provide a respite. It really sucks.:(

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