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hi, I've just joined the group, I was wondering if any other ladies are suffering the same as me,

I'm very happy in my relationship with my

partner of 12 years. we have a beautiful daughter together, but for the last 5 years we have not had a sexual relationship could this be because of the endometriosis. I have had my left ovary removed due to a cyst and chocolate endometriosis, i've also had my right tube removed due to an eptopic. My partner is understanding most of the time, but I feel guilty as I really have no interest at all.

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Hi. Perhaps you could see your doctor to discuss your low libido. It really is an important part of any relationship. I think the tiredness that comes with endo plays a part, that and looking after children and working. However I do think the more you do it the more you want it and it can help a lot with stress relief. Maybe you've just got out of the habit?


Hi there, Being in pain (or having been in pain) and tired is not at all helpful and can make things difficult but it is very important to still make the effort. Also I think that being on certain medications can supress libido. I think that you can also put a lot of pressure on yourself. Just do some nice things together and have fun and relax and then other things may follow! Even if you don't have sex you can still do other things ;-) Also talking is very important as sometimes our partners don't know what we are feeling and they don't want to do anything which will cause us any pain and so it's difficult for them to know what they can and can't do. It's very hard on them as well as us but by talking to each other lots and trying to understand what's going on together this really helps.


I go through stages of having zero libido too - I think a lot of it is to do with your hormones, as oestrogen plays a big part in endo. I have been taking HRT add-back for a few weeks to go with Prostap injections and my libido is making a come back, woohoo!


If you have lost an ovary maybe you are suffering from low testosterone levels? Ovaries produce a lot of the body's testosterone which is largely responsible for sex drive. You may be able to get your level tested. I lost both ovaries when I had a hysterectomy a few years ago and now have no sex drive at all. My gynaecologist has recommended that my GP prescribes testosterone gel - which I did try once before and didn't get on with at the time but am so desperate I'm going to try it again!


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