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I hope this finally gets rid of the pain????!!! So many questions!! And the start of a totally new life for me!

Just an update really.......so I came back from America early (where I was snowboarding for the season) to get my 2nd lap done on the 1st May. Since my first lap last September I had been in way more pain (first lap they found deep infiltrating endo on my POD and US ligs). Also PCO. Since then I haven't had a single day out of pain and it was just getting worse and worse. Actually in hindsight, I think all the snowboarding wasn't really helping, gutting as this is/was my life:(

After this lap, I cant really understand what the report says, and was kinda out of it when the surgeon was trying to explain things....so any help understanding would be greatly appreciated....

So in the lap two days ago they found: spot of endo on UV pouch, red spots of superficial endo on left pelvic side wall over left ureter and left us lig. red spots on right pelvic sidewall above right ureter. All excised. Large swollen ovaries with white stroma??? Dye did not pass through right tube, could be due to spasm???no endo there. Puckered peritoneum in POD????? And a small fibroid anterior serosa of uterus??? This is all another language to me!!!!!

So has this all grown/happened in the space of 8 months, or is it something the last surgeon missed?? Has this been the reason for all the awful pain???And the new pains that only started after surgery??? Does this explain weird symptoms like bleeding bowels, constipation, painful sex, painful bowel movements/urinating, nausea, loss of appetite,literally no blood when I have a period(really irregular) ....... Really really hope this sorts it out this time. Always had this feeling there was something going on with my bowels but he checked my bowels for endo and he said it was fine. Since I was a kid I have had trouble with constipation/bloating etc (tried everything, have sooo much Linseed!!!)

So now I have to totally re-adjust my life from being a professional snowboarder....to trying for babies and hopefully becoming a mother. Exciting but really scary at the same time as its such a drastic change for me. But babies are the top of my priority now and I dont ovulate due to PCO. I go on Clomid on the 20th May. At the moment I really dont feel like im healthy enough to carry a baby, but guess they wouldnt put me on fertility treatment if they didnt think I was healthy enough...would they??

eeek sorry for long post and all the questions, you guys are just so much better than the doctors!!!

Hope you are all ok and not in too much pain xxxx

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Hello :) sorry I haven't really got anything helpful to contribute but just wanted to say glad you are ok and have had your op as you posted on here a bit whilst you were deciding wether to come back for it or not. Sending hugs and hopefully someone will e able to decipher what's going on as that sounds like an alien language to me. Xx


aw thank you so much:) Yes it was a hard decision but I have come to realise that health is the most important thing in life!! You cant even enjoy the smallest things in life if you don't have your health, so thank you all very much for helping me see sense:)

And yes, also sounds like alien language to me!!! Wish they would explain it in easier terms for us!! Maybe draw us pictures!!

I hope you're ok and thank you again for your reply x x x


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