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Recently diagnosed and needing advice!

Hi am am 21 years old and was diagnosed with endometriosis 3 months ago after an laparoscopy. My surgeon found adhesions to my bowel and appendix, endometriosis and poly cystic overies. I have suffered from heavy and painful periods for years and have severe pain when having intercourse. I haven't had intercourse in over a year! After my op I was put on Yasmin combined oral pill and told to take continuously. Since taking this pill and since my op I am still not able to have intercourse and am still getting severe pain everyday! I am going back to my doctor as I have not been able to hold my urine and it gets painful if I hold it too long and also have had a change in my discharge! I was just wondering how many of you still have pain and how long after your op was you experiencing any changes! Really appreciate advice as it is effecting everything in my day to day life! Thanks x

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Hey I'm 24 and can't have sex either.I used to be on Yasmin too as had awful acne (probs pcos) but being fobbed off here. Since laparoscopy and endo diagnosis I'm been on mirena coil and progesterone only mini pill as oestrogen can feed endo. Maybe go see your doc and asked for metformin to control your pcos and the mini pill instead? I still get pain everyday too, hoping for another lap soon as 1st one I think they didn't know how to handle my case. I wasn't given a bowel prep so this time hoping they clear out pouch of douglas properly as that location causes painful sex. Anytime you want to message feel free xx


I had op (2nd) and mirena fitted beginning of march and struggled with pain for first month. Periods are on and off but takes months to settle. As for intercourse pain, ask for pouch of douglas to be checked.


Thank you ladies! Just an update really! Went to my doctors today and my bladder problems is due to an water infection! I am on a strong course of antibiotics which will hopefully clear it up! Also she did an internal and took some swabs for testing due to my discharge but I could actually bear the examination which has never happened before!! So was quite pleased that I have overcome that phobia and pain! Got to go back in a week for swab results and if any problems will be referred straight back to my gyno which is a positive! Xx


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